Nesting Instinct Part 2: Himig’s Corner

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And so just like that, I am already 2 cm dilated and having tolerable contractions. Wow, just thinking about it can make me feel all giddy inside. Finally we’ll be able to see Himig: two eyes, one cute nose, two ears, ten fingers, ten toes and lots of love. 9 whole months of preparation feels not just enough. Although I tried to be as prepared as possible (read through numerous books, have my journal ready, attended seminars and so on), there are still days that I still felt guilty and unprepared, specially when I forgot to drink vitamins or drank a cup coffee.
But then again, in between those days, I know that more than Jhopet and I, a big God loves Himig so much and wouldnt allow anything bad to happened.
Last Saturday we had a routine OB checkup and found out that Himig is smaller compared to her expected weight. We also found out that my placenta is already matured and that this might be the reason why she’s not getting nutrients. Everything else is Ok though. So just to make sure, we were asked to return on Tuesday for a stress test that might trigger contractions.
oh the torture of waiting and paranoia strucked me. 2 days might be too long for her if she’s not getting enough nutrients. I started to remind myself that my doctor knows better and that she’ll not advise me to come back at a later time if anything bad will happened to my baby.
So to take my mind of things, I started to prepare for her stuff, both for the hospital and here at home. Thus
the tons of picture that follow. :p
Her baby bag and my hospital bag with all the mini organizers inside.


     The effect of missing school: DIYed      
    her closet labels and toiletry cadies 





The top of her dresser with my favorite children’s book that we’ll read together soon. 🙂 Also displayed the paper mache letters and place cards from the baby shower





She’s gonna stay in our room so I call this her corner. 🙂 Revamped the walls with a few decals and replaced some of our pictures with her ultrasound scans. I also added the frame that I used to write reasons why I love J and a heart shape chalkboard from one of those mommy bazaars I attended. Her “corner” is a mixed of brown, white, pink and purple: more of like a tree in a forest/bird theme. 

Posted her corner’s picture on facebook and quiet a few reacted that they expected it to be lots of pink. haha I have a pink version of her beddings but decided to start with the purple one (for a change naman!)

But everytime I open her closet and see this:




 a smile spreads on my face. oh the joy of seeing pink :p
I really cant wait for you to see all these Himig. Please be ok inside nanay’s tummy. Please pray for nanay too, that I may be able to have the strength and tolerance to deliver you.
All in His time. All under His graces and blessings.
See you very soon darling,

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    sooo cuteeee
    Blessed baby!

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