Our Delightful Tune

Nanayhood/March 19, 2014
    Amiya Himig means delightful tune
     sharing you these wonderful pictures of Himig when she was just 12 days old. She was so small! Props to Jamie of Jamie Lifestyle Photography for capturing  our lille darling’s first days 🙂


Himig’s Sensory Table Experience

Himigsplayandlearn, Nanayhood, Teaching/April 22, 2016

Himig’s Chapter 2: The Pre-birthday Book Theme

Nanayhood/April 22, 2016


girlparty, Nanayhood, shabbychic party/April 8, 2015


Nanayhood/March 21, 2014

And then She Came (Himig’s Birth Story)

Happiness, Nanayhood/March 6, 2014

Ohh Nanayhood Powers

Nanayhood/May 10, 2018

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