girlparty, Nanayhood, shabbychic party/April 8, 2015

Our little darling is ONE 🙂

It’s a big cliche, but time really moves fast when you’re a nanay. I’ve seen quiet a few children grow in my eyes but this little girl amazes me the most. I could literally just watch her the whole day and get kilig whenever she does something adorbs like cringing her nose, making animal sounds, and my most “favoritest” of them all, kissing me on my face with that smack sound. Saya talaga sa puso!
She is just so wonderfully created by God that everybody around her couldn’t help but feel loved. I always tell her that she is the most loved baby in the whole wide world! 
Of course, what better way to celebrate her birthday but to be with everybody dear to us. Ang dami nun ha hehe!
Her birthday party radiated happy vibes, with the warm sunshine coming through those big windows, and all the happy colors all around.  We couldn’t be happier!
Sharing some snapshots by Jamie and Baby Lifestyle Photography 🙂

Special thanks to Queensland Catering for the lovely set-up and scrumptious food and Ice Pops Manila for the yummy icy dessert 🙂

Himig’s Sensory Table Experience

Himigsplayandlearn, Nanayhood, Teaching/April 22, 2016

Himig’s Chapter 2: The Pre-birthday Book Theme

Nanayhood/April 22, 2016


Nanayhood/March 21, 2014

Our Delightful Tune

Nanayhood/March 19, 2014

And then She Came (Himig’s Birth Story)

Happiness, Nanayhood/March 6, 2014

Ohh Nanayhood Powers

Nanayhood/May 10, 2018


    Oo wow, these are lovely. The whole setup is Queensland? Including the bento? Super ganda! Happy birthday Himig!


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