Black: Viggo, I will always miss you

Uncategorized/December 18, 2017

Here I am, wide awake at 12:40 am. Thinking about how my heart can stop missing you. I remember how excited I am when I knew that you were coming. Finally, somebody who will make my Auntgil happy. Auntgil who is our spoiler. our confidante. our second mom. And then you came. You are the one who kept the household happy with all your milestones. We were there through all your firsts. I also remember how I worry about how you’ll grow up. You are so smart, so insightful, so full of energy. I worry that you find yourself less of a person because you don’t have your dad’s surname (yet) But everytime I am with you, I worry less. You were raised well. You are loved. Beyond words. I am so happy seeing you and Himig together.

Bubba lova, thank you for the wonderful 8 years.

There will always be a void in my heart. But I know you’re watching all of us from above.

I love you, Angel Viggo


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