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I always have this fascination for “eye candies”.

For me, anything that is beautifully made equates to passion, perseverance and love. Love is indeed found in small details. So when Himig started school 2 years ago, I  search far and wide for the perfect everything, even the tiniest of the details- perfect bag, perfect water bottle, perfect LUNCHBOX.

Back then, bento lunches are already a thing. (Been stalking @bentomamas eversince)

A lot of creative moms try to come up with fun ways to make eating healthy an easy breezy task specially to young children.

I tried. And got hooked.

Came across on Instagram who’s  just been taking pre-order of the YUMBOX  back then. When I get a hold of it for the first time, I thought it’s perfect for so many reasons.

1. It is DURABLE– been using ours for 2 years running and it’s still standing strong.

2. It is LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO OPEN– number onr consideration when buying things for children is that will they be able to manipulate it on their own. Will they be able to open and close it with ease? This lunchbox did not disappoint. Himig who was just 2 years old can easily open and close the lid. 🙂

3. LEAKPROOF– Anything that saves us mommas from extra cleaning is a winner 🙂 Not to mention, it is assured that the divisions are sealed so no 2 food will be mixed up.

4. EASY TO CLEAN– I personally don’t like putting food in plastic containers because overtime, the taste kind of stay in the plastic. But this one is made out of fiber glass like material. Very easy to clean and wash.

5. THE COLORS ARE TO DIE FOR – not to mention the amount of the different kinds of food you should put in each compartment depicted in amazing drawings. Kids + Colors + drawings = ❤️

I am no expert.  Specially when it comes to providing variations or in eating healthy in general. Help Please! Ideas and suggestions are welcome 🙂

But I try. 🙂  These are my fave among what I came up with at #Himigsfunbaon so far 🙂



Now that Himig is starting to have her own preference and style, I want to involve her with the planning of her school lunch. Came up with a printable YUMBOX PANINO PLANNING SHEET in both daily and weekly versions. Just print, insert in a plastic card case and use whiteboard markers so you won’t have to print again and again. 🙂 Or you can print everyday for that satisfaction of writing on paper. 🙂

Click each picture to download 🙂

Enjoy and I hope you could share some of your baon/food ideas too 🙂

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