How we started to #CDifferently.

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First entry of 2019. End of first quarter.

Now that we’re a quarter into the year it’s time to take a step back and how we’re going. Checking on our resolutions. This year, we tried to #CDifferently and as a family, we discussed where we needed and wanted to improve. Narrowed it down to 1 goal per month.

January was all about less screentime for all of us and I must says that we did it! That wee bit of success was all we needed to stay on track. Come February, the goal was to say nice things more often. It wasnt that hard for me and Himig but I think tatay was the one who stepped up. March came and ended and I think this was our best month just yet. The goal is to DO SOMETHING THAT YOU PUT OFF FOR A LONG TIME. For me, it’s taking care of my health.

I guess you could say, it is the least of my priority. Before, my goal is to just be “thin”. Regardless if I am being healthy or not. I wouldnt eat properly, would exhaust my energy at work, and would load myself with too much coffee. Glad to report that for this year, I already started having a regular exercise routine(Yey!). It’s just once a week but it’s an exciting beginning for a non-exercise enthusiast like me. I guess our umbrella goal is to live healthier in body and mind. We’ve already started on the outside through exercise and now it’s also time to work on the inside. It’s even the little things like choosing homecooked meal vs fastfood, sleeping early, skin care, etc. And, of course, with our past paced lifestyle, adding more Vitamin-C for that extra boost. 

Tatay regulary takes his trusty brand of Ascorbic Vitamin-C for his immune system specially because he works at night.

Vitamin C is also known to be an antioxidant and helps fight stress and fatigue- hence improves your overall aura (now that’s my forever goal- stress free AURA!)


I on the other hand was introduced to Vitagreen-C, a Sodium Ascorbate (non-acidic) healthier alternative. It’s gentler in the stomach and helps with my stress and allergies. I was also infomed that It can effectively brightens skin especially when paired with glutathione- I have yet to find out if that is true but the rest of it’s benefits, I am currently reaping right now after only about 2 months of use.

I noticed that:

  • I became more alert
  • I look less stressed
  • My allergies havent acted up despite the heat (Yey! Immune System)
  • and best of all, I have all my energy to do my multiple rolls

And I quote that my friends also notice how we translate these energy into a day of productivity.

Overall goal is to live our life to the fullest. What better way to do that than to invest in the battery that fuels us to be the better versions of ourselves.

More energy= more moments to treasure forever.


Visit betterhealthphofficial to know more about Vitagreen-C



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