5 year old Himig reviews Johnsons and Johnsons Cotton Touch

For the Body, Products We Love/June 29, 2019

Howdy! First blogpost under and we are excited to share with you a review of one of the products we truly love, the new J and J CottonTouch line.

We’ve read some amazing insights about it and I honestly couldn’t agree more. Searched on how to do a product review and it seems that listing about Pros and Cons  is one technique. Could not even think of a Con about this product except that the parents keep on using it as well. 😛 and I say this with conviction that it’s one of the best I tried.  Yes it has No parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes, contains real cotton that’s why it makes your skin soft and not sticky and Oh so bango! I am completely sold. But how about the one who is the real target user of  these products? What can she say? We’ve round up 5 product review questions and asked her to answer them. I tried to document it verbatim and here is what she thinks 🙂

1. What made you want to try this product?

Well nanay, it’s what I used before only with a different shape. So of course I will try it.

2. What was your honest reaction when you first held and opened the package? What did you see, feel, smell, hear, taste?

Hear? I didnt hear anything just your voice. Taste? do you want me to taste it? Silly nanay, this is not food!  See? it’s white and the bottle looks like it has a big belly. Feel? It’s easy to open, I did not ask for you help. The lotion smells good like a clean room and when I spread it, my skin turns soft like a cake. Tatay said when spreading lotion I have to make sure that there’s no white part on my body. This one, no white color with one spread. (* It’s because the products was absorbed fast)

3. What problem were you expecting the product to solve for you personally?How well did it solve the problem?

What problem? Ahh I know. I take a bath when I’m dirty and baho. This makes me cleaner, and smells good(er). 

4. What were your likes/dislikes about the product?

I like it. That’s my only answer

5. Would you recommend this product to your  friends?

Yes of course! to my cousins too like Cara and Stella. Can I give some to Belle and Faith? and also Arella’s sister. What’s her name again? Cause she’s still a baby and she doesnt have money to buy Johnsons. 

Yes Himig, We will share!

You too can try the new Johnsons and Johnsons Cotton Touch and see for yourself!  Click her to purchase via Lazada . Wanna get free samples to try?  SIGN UP HERE 

Let us know what you and your child also think 🙂 Tag us @iamdelightfulhimigand use the hashtags #iamandhimigxCottonTouch and #choosegentle on your post and you might just win a small token from us 🙂



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