Laundry Fun for Moms and Kids

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Heya! It’s been raining almost all week and with classes suspended, Himig and I enjoy warm snuggles under our fort made out of blankie. As much as we want to do that all day, we have dishes to wash and clothes to fold. And ever since ate Aby left, Himig has been helping in her own ways to make our home yet a “liveable” one as I am really just learning how to do all this on my own. Of course, we always try to add fun in everything that we do. Yes, even in household chores. Sharing with you some ways on how we make laundry fun and exciting for you and your kids to enjoy.

  1. Have a Folding Party– folding a small towel can not just finish the job but also helps the kids practice their fine motor skills as well as following directions.  “Fold it in half, then press it and then fold in half again” 
  2.  Play some Music and Dance while folding big towels and blankies . Anything (and we mean anything) can get better with some good old dance off.
  3. Have a “find the Pair of Sock” Game – find a pair of socks among the pile then fold it in a ball. Shoot it in a basket and count them all. The most number of sock pairs found wins. Ice cream or donut as a prize and this game would be a sure hit.
  4.  Make Your Own Cute Hamper–  Well, if you have a visual learner like me,  a cute hamper will definitely encourage independence in putting their own dirty clothes inside one.
Found this cute DIY monster hamper tutorial from . Click the picture for their tutorial

5. Sort Clothes Per Fun Category – We usually sort them by colors but why not come up with more fun categories such as “house clothes”, “happy clothes ” (clothes that I wear to show that I am happy), “Elsa clothes” (clothes that I wear when it’s cold) and so on. Make your own labels inside the cabinet and your child might look forward to fixing his/her cabinet more.

All of these wouldn’t  be as fun if  our clothes are not smelling fresh specially now that it is the rainy season.  We found the perfect solution –DOWNY KONTRA KULOB. 100 percent tried and tested. We hung our clothes even inside the bathroom and they are still smelling fresh (and flowery according to Himig) . With it’s anti-bacterial power up to 20 percent,  there is really no worry that our clothes wont be safe to dry inside.  

It is the perfect partner to level up the fun (and aroma) while doing the laundry.  I’m glad Downy Philippines continue to make innovations to help families find solutions to seemingly mundane problems. No more kulob smelling clothes in this household! Wohooo! 

Now, are you ready for LAUNDRY FUN? We are!


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