The New Downy Detergent- as Good as it’s Fabric Conditioner?

For the Home, Products We Love/October 9, 2019


Middle of October and barely 3 months before the end of 2019. Can’t believe I’ve been surviving this no helper life for 6 months already. Aside from google (hehe) I think what really helped me to survive are tried and tested products that actually deliver results. That’s why I always look for recommendations from mommies that really take time to research and try out these products themselves. When it comes to fabric conditioner, there is no doubt that Downy is on top of the game. So when I saw that Millenial Moms Ph recommended the NEW detergent, I just had to try it out for myself.

First Impression:

When it came out of it’s container, we immediately smelled that signature Downy Perfume smell. You can see that there are pink (from the pink variant) or blue (from the blue variant) big beads that are perfume boosters that actually helps our clothes achieved that FRESH SMELL. Doon palang sold na ako. Cause I’m very particular how our clothes really smell.


Ease of Use

We often go to a LaundroMat and do our laundry ourselves. Since the Downy Detergent is in powder form, we dissolved it in water so we can use it on the machine. It was easily dissolved in 2-3 quick stirs and I was able to smell that the perfume boosters worked because the smell was really maintained. Off to the washing machine it goes.




Fresh out of the machines, there is no denying that it smells really good. The lady who owns the laundromat actually commented “Maam, yan ba yung bagong downy? Ang bango ha”. Checked out how it made our clothes clean as well and it did deliver! It actually removed the stains from Himig’s school uniform. Galing! It doesn’t just make clothes smell good, it makes it clean and fresh as promised.

From a noob domesticated nanay, I really recommend the NEW DOWNY DETERGENT to all Millennial (and non Millennial) moms alike.  Pretty sure that you’ll see the same results as I did. Let me know what you think when you tried it out as well. 🙂


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