Opening the Gift of Himig Everyday

Activities, Cute Things, Family Fun/August 10, 2020

Each child is unique. Different from one another but all special. What I love to do as a parent is to discover what my daughter enjoys doing and be the support she needs to turn these things into (maybe) a lifelong passion.

So happy that we get to see Himig’s love for arts and crafts evolve from simple painting with juices to guided painting with canvas. At age 6 she knows that she wanted to be an artist someday. Her dreams are definitely ours as well. 

And how do we support her in reaching these dreams? We not only provide her with materials, and classes but moreso we want to give her meaningful experiences. – the three of us painting together, crafts with tatay, experiments with nanay, and family celebrations for all achievements big and small. In the hopes of raising not just an artist but a happy and healthy person all in all.

I love how we get to document all of these through the #NurtureTheGiftl Photobook. Now it is easy for us to look back how it all started as well as to look further by filling these pages with more dreams and aspirations. Something tangible she gets to see as grows older.  

The gift we want to nurture and open every day 

You can also get a free #NurtureTheGift Photobook by checking out the mechanics at or you may also visit the Promil Four website to register

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    I’m so proud of Himig! She’s very lucky to have supportive parents who’s always there to nurture her gift 😊

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