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City of Pines (Day 1)

Travel/February 29, 2012

Forgive me for raving about my Baguio trip for the past few weeks. I’ve never been with my highschool barkada for a long time and...

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On floral (Day 1)

Fashion, Travel/February 28, 2012

Spent the weekend with my highschool friends and J at Baguio. Perfect coffee and story weather 🙂 Though there were lots of people, we still...

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We can dance, until we die…

Family, Fashion, Katy Perry, Travel/January 24, 2012

We are Katy’s super fans- We know her songs by heart and can dance through them like a child. Imagine how excited we were when...

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Summer in December :)

Family, Love, Travel/January 7, 2012

Few more reunions happened right after Christmas. Went to Bulacan to spend time with my cousins, this time on mom’s side. We basically grew up...

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Christmas by the beach :) Part 1

Family, Travel/January 4, 2012

Sorry for the uber late post. It was indeed a busy holiday and I am really maximizing my days of vacation before I face lesson...

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Blogger’s United 2 (The long aftershock)

Fashion, Travel/December 19, 2011

Finally get to see all the amazing fashion bloggers I just adore. Though, I admit, I was too shy to ask them for pictures. (Which...