Little Dapitan- for your Home and Beyond

For the Home, Products We Love, Uncategorized, Where To's/December 29, 2019

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration and we always find reasons to decorate our home even beyond the season. Tatay and I visited Dapitan...

DIY Brownie Pizza for your Sweet Celebrations

Uncategorized/August 26, 2019

Hello hello!!   And just like that we are already approaching the ber months and nearing the end of the year. Which means more get...

Laundry Fun for Moms and Kids

Activities, For the Home, Products We Love, Uncategorized/August 9, 2019

Heya! It’s been raining almost all week and with classes suspended, Himig and I enjoy warm snuggles under our fort made out of blankie. As...

How we started to #CDifferently.

Uncategorized/April 4, 2019

First entry of 2019. End of first quarter. Now that we’re a quarter into the year it’s time to take a step back and how...


Uncategorized/August 22, 2018

I always have this fascination for “eye candies”. For me, anything that is beautifully made equates to passion, perseverance and love. Love is indeed found...

Black: Viggo, I will always miss you

Uncategorized/December 18, 2017

Here I am, wide awake at 12:40 am. Thinking about how my heart can stop missing you. I remember how excited I am when I...

Nesting Instinct Part 2: Himig’s Corner

Uncategorized/February 12, 2014

And so just like that, I am already 2 cm dilated and having tolerable contractions. Wow, just thinking about it can make me feel all...

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“Nesting Instinct” – Our First Dib

Products We Love, Uncategorized/October 31, 2013

That Nesting Instinct During Pregnancy- Reorganizing the closets, alphabetizing the spice rack, and thwarting dust-bunny breeding efforts under the bed? Welcome to a pre-labor ritual that...

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20 weeks update

Uncategorized/October 10, 2013

Countdown to the baby makes me and J so excited. We really can’t wait to see our little darling. My bump is finally showing and...

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Lovely Bump ahead

Uncategorized/July 5, 2013

Last week, we got our prayer answered. finally! 🙂 praying that we can finally hold this baby after 7 more months and hear his/her heartbeat...