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Simone’s Closet Handmade Accessories Giveaway

Uncategorized/January 7, 2012

We all now that an accessory can spice up a simple outfit. Having unique pieces can really maximize your wardrobe. 🙂 Simone’s Closet is giving...

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Bloglovin :)

Uncategorized/December 20, 2011

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You know you’re a teacher when…

Uncategorized/November 30, 2011

Got this from tumblr. and may I just say, Oh so true! I highlighted my favorites 🙂   HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE A...

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Dearest ★boy =)

Uncategorized/July 25, 2009

Tell me that even though our bodies were in separate states, OUR STAR SELVES SHARED AN ENCHANTED PLACE. *You’re still up there. You’re still around.I...

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All endings are also beginning

Uncategorized/June 15, 2009

… We just dont know it at the time =)